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Quality Policy

The aim of LOGOTHETIS SA is to strengthen its leading position in the wider market of Greece. Permanent company's objective is to satisfy customers' requirements and obey to all applicable laws and regulatory requirements that specify the quality of products. For that reason, the management of LOGOTHETIS SA has install, implement, monitor, review and continuously improve a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000.

In accordance the company sets, monitors and periodically reviewes objectives and targets to achieve the maximum level of quality. The quality policy of Logothetis SA is based on:

The properly designed quality control at all stages of the production process.

The continuous assessment of suppliers and partners .

The continued purchase of mechanical equipment in order to improve and modernize the production process.

The continuous updating of technological developments.

The continuous training of staff.

The competent and qualified staff, operating in a highly organized internal structure of the company.

Since its establishment, the company emphasizes  on the quality of materials used, the choice of the workforce and the ongoing monitoring of projects to ensure for our customers the highest possible quality output. Quality is our core value and we will not surrender  to any financial settlements. The management of the Company has secured all the necessary resources in manpower and equipment to implement the quality policy and achieving the quality objectives, taking care to the development of those mechanisms who involve all staff in this. The management of the company is committed to:

high quality service

high quality products

direct response to customer requests

For all the above, we believe that we  ensure the  best company image in the market among with a sense of pride and satisfaction for the management and workers who work for the progress of the company.