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 Logothetis SA is completing 30 years of creation and experience in construction and manufacturing. We create with high expertise and modern equipment a wide range of steel structures, composite structures, aluminum applications, special architectural and drywall. We implement ideas and plans in each area of construction, with high quality, consistency and structural integrity.

The company operates within  privately owned facilities in a total area of 8000 m from the administration and offices up to the exposition.

In that facilities we have operating segments for metals, cutting and drilling operators, assembly, manufacturing aluminum and paint shop.The company has the means and the manpower for the installation of works.

Our production capacity among with our dynamic and modern equipment of our facilities, give us the ability to undertake large projects  based on the static and the architectural design of each project.


Vision of our company is  to be recognized as the representative industry - leader in the metal building and construction frames, using a competitive model based on  the directness,the  honesty, the relationship of trust with the customer, among with the technological competence and innovation, the respect for people , society and environment.


Our goal is to maintain and even expand our dominant position in the market through close cooperation and in accordance with the needs and requirements of our customers. It is constant and persistent in our efforts to give guarantee to our customers about a consistent level of quality. For this objective it is applied the quality system ISO. Furthermore,  the production process is supported by software programs and supervised by engineers and skilled staff who ensure the outcome of the study. At the same time we  keep strict process standards, construction, finishing and fitting. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to identify and satisfy the specific needs of technical and design, with the knowledge and experience in accordance with the elegance of modern architecture. Logothetis SA can help in the design, deliver mass production and special orders. Our technical capability allow us to identify the customer's needs according to the weather conditions and lifestyle by delivering the most bizarre challenges. Logothetis SA is a rich source of design.


Our mission is to offer to each client high quality. At all levels of production and at customer service high standards are applied in work, in service and in value.

Many years of experience had enable us to provide complete package of solutions to construction needs by  implementing the essential aim «with the key to our hand ».

Our commitment is to achieve our mission with passion and  with the appropriate know-how  , to create works that maintain in the future and make the  difference. Core values in order to achieve the company's mission are cooperation and integrity coupled with quality assurance. At the end the desired result is always oriented to customer satisfaction according to our own moral satisfaction