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Respect for the Environment




The primary concern of Logothetis SA is  respect for the environment  and implementantion of  preventive measures to protect the environment.

With the great experience, the know how and the artistry the Logothetis SA shall give reliable solutions who meet your needs and requirements. The additional environmental liability in the performance of our business activity is a guiding path at Logothetis SA.

The metal building construction has strong advantages for efficiency in both duration and quality of applications, and for environmental friendliness. That's because they are less hostile to the environment. Furthermore  as a company we do not pollute and we use recyclable materials. All the above  result in the creation of modern buildings with quality and  durability but  above all with respect to the environment. Ultimately all  these parameters give a new dimension to construction.

Our environmental activities include:

The environmentally friendly supply of all our raw materials.

The use of recyclable materials.

Reducing fuel consumption.

Usage of  special paints which are environmentally friendly.

Reducing and avoiding waste.

Optimization of energy consumption through technology of  smart buildings creation.

The awakening of our employees to create environmental awareness.

The creation of modern but still elegant buildings in complete alignment with the natural environment.